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Corporate Wellness

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Live Zoom Classes

Stay accountable to yourself & your goals by signing up for classes that you love!! All classes can be attended from the safety of your home or when you travel! All of our instructors are certified, experienced and ready to help coach you along your fitness journey! Learn proper form on a wide range of exercises to keep the workouts challenging, prevent injury & help you achieve your goals! Instructors guide you throughout each class with live demos & coaching cues!

Travel & Remote Workouts

Workouts designed for traveling, hotel gyms, at home, outside, and anywhere you have minimal to no exercise equipment to use. New workouts are added each month!

Workouts for anytime

Busy? Can't make a zoom class? Lost in the gym? Choose from over 120 different workouts you can do anytime on your own! Scroll through the "Workouts" section to pick your workout, click start and go! New workouts added each week!


Access to a variety of easy to make healthy recipes, meal planning, suggestions on portion control, and more! New recipes are added each month!

online coaching

You can access your membership using any device, tablet or laptop with cell service or Wi-Fi connection. Your membership gives you access to everything you need to reach your goals!