Rope Crunches on Cable

Band Reverse Crunches

Barbell Chest Press with Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunches

V Sit Twist with Med Ball into Wall

Torso Twists with Landmine

Torso Twist on Cable

Torso Twist using Band

Battleropes V Sit Twist

Battleropes Plank with SA Slam

Knee Ins

Bosu Knee Ins

Knee Ins (up and over) on Med Ball

Knee to Elbow Tucks

Plank to Push Up on Bosu

Cable Plank Pull

Woodchop (using a cable)

Woodchop Down to Up (using a cable)

Lateral Med Ball Slam in Lunge Position

Lateral Med Ball Slam into Wall

Lateral Med Ball Slam with Shuffle into Wall

Med Ball Decline Lateral Slams

Decline Med Ball Crunch to Overhead Press

Med Ball Decline Twists

Med Ball Wall Slam with Crunch

Med Ball Slam Side to Side while Kneeling

Lateral Med Ball Slam in Lunge Position

Med Ball Slam with Woodchop Rotation


Modified Plank

Plank to Push Up

Plank on Hands with Shoulder Taps

Med Ball Plank with Wide Knee Up

Plank on Med Ball with Knee Ins

Plank on Med Ball with Lateral Toe Touch

Ball Transfer in Plank Position

Plank Kettlebell Lateral Shift

Plank Moving Treadmill Manually

Plank on Foam Roller Shifting Back & Forth

Plank with Hip Dip on Foam Roller

Side Plank (and modified version)

Side Plank with a Twist

TRX Side Plank with Hip Dip

TRX Alternating Knee Crunches


Alternating Supermans

Superman Combo

Superman with Scapular Retraction

Prone Bench Leg Lifts

Ab Crunch Machine (body weight)

Plate Slide Lateral

Plate Sliders Alternating

Plate Sliders Butterfly

TRX Mountain Climbers

Knee Tucks on Rower

Single Leg Knee Tucks on Ball

Single Leg Knee Tucks on Rower

TRX Knee Tucks

Knee to Elbow Rope Crunches

Pull Over with Crunch on Bench

Reverse Crunches

Supine (face up) Knee to Chest V Crunches


V Sit Twists

V Sit Leg Raise Over Dumbbell

V Sit Leg Raise Over Dumbbells

Physio Ball Balance with Frontal Raise

Wall Sit with Med Ball Rotation

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Knee Raises

Hanging Knee Raises with Med Ball

Hanging Leg Raises (straight leg)

Leg Lifts Alternating Lowering Legs

Figure 8 with Kettlebell