Agility Ladder Work - Lateral In and Out

Band Lunge Hop

Battleropes Alternating Slam While Kneeling to Standing

Battleropes Alternating

Battleropes Slam with Squat Jump

Battleropes Slamming

Battleropes Snake

Jump Roping

Bench Hops

Burpees Off Side of Bench

Hop forward then reverse hop

Hops lateral and up & down

Kettlebell Swing

Lateral Med Ball Slam with Shuffle

Lateral Med Ball Slam with Shuffle

Lumberjack with Landmine

Med Ball Slam to Squat to Press

Med Ball Squat to Press

Med Ball Toss with Squat

Mountain Climber (Off Chair)

Mountain Climbers

Med Ball Slams

Plyo Hop Over Cone 180 Jump

Plyo Squat Jumps

Med Ball Slam with Rotation

Single Arm Kettlebell Swing

Sand Ball Squat to Toss Over Shoulder

Side to Sides on Bosu Ball

Sled Pull Backwards Push Forward

Sled Push

Sled Push Using Bosu Ball

Toe Touches with Ball

TRX Squat Jumps (in and out)

TRX Squat Jumps

Wall Balls

Wall Balls with Lateral Slam

Plank Hops (lateral)

Lateral Hop with Burpee

Lateral Hop & Back with Vertical Jump


Dumbbell Jacks