Adductor and Vastus Medialis Release

Foam Rolling Calves

Foam Rolling Glute TFL and Lower Back

Foam Rolling IT Band

Glute Stretch (seated)

Hamstring Release with Orb Ball

Hamstring Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Capsule and Outer Glute Release with Orb

Lat Release with Foam Roller

Mid Upper Thoracic Spine Release

Orb Chest Stretch

Orb Ball Around Scapula and Mid Upper Backk

The Stick used on Anterior Tibialis and Peroneus

The Stick Used on Calves

The Stick Used on Quad IT Band and Adductors

The Stick Used on the Lower Leg

Lateral Lunge (inner thigh & groin) Stretch

Prone (face up) Knee Hug Stretch

Back and Chest Stretch (laying down)

Squat to Stand with Reach

Stretch Combo: Down Dog to Cobra to Child Pose

Butterfly (inner thigh & groin)

Spiderman Steps